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Saturday, 1 April 2017

72.7 km #charity #run through mountains for the good cause

The worst thing that can happen to a parent is losing his or her own child

In order to give the needed support to affected parents I'm doing a charity run again an torture myslef for the good cause at the German Rennsteig Supermarathon on may 20th 2017.

The track is brutal and the longest I will ever run:

  • Total length: 72.7km
  • Ascending in total: 1,867 m
  • Descending in total: 1,382 m
  • Total vertical change: 3,249 m

The training I have to do for this is very hard to align with work and family and demands a lot of discipline from me. It's at the cost of y weekends and I need to get up an 04:00 am several times per week to go running before work. I addition, I need to stick to a diet because every kilogram of bodyweight needs energy and means stress for the joints. Hence, I need to lose at least 10kg from 98 in January to 88kg at the day of the run. It's also not easy from a psychological perspective. Everybody who has ever participated in a marathon knows the pain you feel the last 5 to 10km, but this time I will have about 38km to go. That's already worrying me a bit.

A "training" competition will happen on 8th of April at the "Kyhhäuser Bergmarathon". This is a run of 42km through the mountains as a test under real conditions because I do not have mountains and hills at home to train for the real track.
How can you donate?
Simply go to my charity event via betterplace by this link:

For what am I doing this?
The Verein Verwaister Eltern Schleswig-Holstein (VESH), which translates as Association of Orphaned Parents in Northern Germany, is a self-help organisation and a point of contact for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents who grieve for a lost child in the family. The VESH wants to support the families in their grief and will help to find an individual way for a grieving process - independent if the child dies within the womb, as a little one or as a grown up. In addition, the employees support relatives, friends and also professional colleagues. All bereaved are supported in integrating the loss into their own life story, accepting life again and move on together with the family and the environment.

What's keeping me motivated?
The affected parents need to be much stronger as usual and look forward. As a symbolic expression of solidarity with these parents I also want to be stronger as usual and push beyond my limits.
That, while I think every run of more than 21km is rather boring and I'm also neither very fast nor very good at it. And of course I can image more pleasant activities on a Sunday compared to e.g. 19th March where I did a 35km training run at 3 degree, wind and continuous rain. But the donations from last year - which were doubled by my employer and will also again this year be doubled again - enabled the VESH to train 3 additional grief counsellors and open new groups in 2017. This is directly beneficial for the people who really need some help in a dark time and that's why I keep going.

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